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A deluxe Windows application that allows sophisticated remote control of Sony or Canon LANC-based cameras and recorders from your PC or Tablet

NEW Version 1.2— monitor camera sync in multiple camera applications!  Control Iris settings from the Xbox controller!

Combined with the ALE708, ALE716 or ALE718 LANC controller (or any other controller based on Elm Electronic’s 624 chip), this software gives the user the ability to remotely monitor and control Sony or Canon video cameras equipped with the LANC interface.  The software provides access to the following functions:

             * Zoom In (fast, med, slow)                                    * Play

             * Zoom Out (fast, med, slow)                                 * Record

             * Manual / Auto Focus                                            * Rewind

             * Focus In                                                              * Fast Forward

             * Focus Out                                                            * Stop

             * Manual / Auto White Balance                              * Snapshot to tape/disk

             * Manual White Balance Set                                  * Snapshot to Memory Stick

             * Power Up from sleep mode                                 * Video / Photo Mode

             * Power camera off                                                * Display on/off

             * Picture Profile                                                      * Shutter

             * Gain                                                                     * Iris

             * White Balance Presets (A,B)                               * Menu on/off

             * Menu cursor (up,down,left,right)                         * Menu Select


* Ability to send individual specific LANC commands by just typing in the codes

* Variable zoom speed settings — fast, medium, slow








Actual screen shot

Deluxe Remote Camera Control software



 * PC or Tablet running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

 * A video camera that is LANC compatible (most Sony and some Canon cameras)

 * ALE’s LANC controller (sold separately) OR any other controller based on Elm Electronics'  624 chip


* IMPORTANT NOTE : not all cameras support all LANC commands.  If you are unsure what commands are supported on your camera, please contact us. 

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Use an optional Microsoft Xbox controller with this software!