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Sony LANC Control

Serial to LANC Adapter

A complete control system that converts commands from an RS-232 source to the Sony LANC protocol for video camera/recorder control from your PC, Mac, Linux system, or embedded system

Based around the ELM Electronics chip, this controller provides a complete, ready to implement system for connecting your host system via an RS-232 link to the LANC port on your Sony or Canon camera.




System Specifications:


 * Adapter measures about 2” by 2”

 * Acrylic top and bottom panels protect the printed circuit board

 * Utilizes the ELM Electronics 624 chip for LANC communication

 * Powered by +5VDC terminated in a USB mini jack

             * Can optionally be powered from the camera’s LANC (depending on the camera)

 * On-board 9 pin RS-232 connector

 * Designed to work with ALE’s LANC Camera Control software, but can be used with any PC software that is able to send the proper commands (you can even use a terminal emulation program)