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Multi camera LANC Controller

An embedded controller that allows simultaneous remote control of multiple Sony or Canon LANC cameras  — great for 3D (stereoscopic) recording!

Use this controller with multiple Sony / Canon cameras and control all cameras simultaneously from either a PC or directly from the push buttons on the controller board.


Comes standard with connections to control two cameras — add additional ALE719 LANC Expansion Boards (see below) to add connections for additional cameras.  Add as many expansion boards as your application requires — 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or more cameras!



· Programmed to control Power On, Power Off, Record Start/Stop, Zoom out, Zoom in, Focus Auto/Man, Focus Near, Focus Far, and Photo Capture.  Assignments can be changed to suit your application.

· In two camera setups, provides sync information between the cameras being controlled for 3D recording via on-board LEDs and via a PC app

· Optionally connect via USB and control all cameras simultaneously from a PC / Tablet with our ALE712 Deluxe LANC Controller software

ALE719 LANC Expansion Boards

Add this expansion board to your ALE718 controller to add connections for additional cameras!

Each board adds connections for two additional camera connections.


The ALE719 board connects to the ALE718 controller through a unique “stacking” design, allowing any number of expansion boards to be added to the controller to accommodate virtually any number of camera connections!



ALE718 Controller with two ALE719 LANC Expansion Boards for controlling 4 cameras