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A PC application that allows remote control of your GoPro Hero, Hero2, or Hero3 camera via WiFi

Combined with your GoPro Hero, Hero2, or Hero3 equipped with WiFi, this software gives the user the ability to remotely monitor and control the camera wirelessly.  The software provides access to the following functions:

             * Camera Preferences—Read IP address, password, current settings, battery level

             * Time Lapse — use your PC to control a time lapse function for recording still images or videos over long time periods

             * Commands — manually execute camera functions such as preview on/off, orientation, resolution, etc.

             * File download — one button download of your still or video image files from your GoPro to your PC








Actual screen shot

GoFi — Wifi software for GoPro



 * PC equipped with WiFi running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7

 * GoPro Hero or Hero2 camera with WiFi BackPak or a Hero3 White, Silver or

    Black Edition camera



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· Added preference to start GoFi Automatically when a user logs into Windows.

· Added functionality where if a time lapse is in progress and the application closes, it will restart the            time lapse on application startup

· Added ability to add multiple IP addresses (cameras must be set with unique IP addresses to use        this feature)