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The first practical application of GPS technology for underwater use, NavDive is our patent pending system that makes navigating underwater a breeze by solving the following logistics issues for recreational, technical, public safety, or commercial divers:

 The ability to know your exact GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) while operating underwater

 The ability to capture GPS coordinates of any site encountered while operating underwater so that you can return to the same site later

 The ability to navigate directly to a target GPS location while operating underwater

 The ability to automatically capture the diver's current location every 10 seconds in NavDive's memory to record the diver's entire path during any dive


Want to learn more? Visit the NavDive website here:


In addition, we provide a PC application that interfaces directly to Google Earth† to give you a† satellite view of the saved positions and/or diverís path† from any dive.† This is useful for mapping, dive logs, and many other cataloging applications.