Applied Logic Engineering, Inc.

Technology Solutions for  your world





We are experts in helping OEMs establish the technology roadmap necessary to make the difference.  Once established, we can turn these ideas into projects and services that achieve your goals.  From hardware to software to systems development, we can design, develop and execute.

What can we build for you?

Our unique approach combines custom, semi-custom, and commercial components to build a solution that fits your exact need.  The benefits to this approach are:

                   Low quantity commitment — just need one?  No problem.

                   Low / no capital investment

                   Fastest possible development time


Product Development

               Embedded systems — electronic design / firmware development

               Wireless communication — BLE / WiFi / Cellular

               Cloud-based data storage / data portal

               Mobile Apps — iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps




Custom  controller for 3D recording

WiFi monitoring for landscape moisture, temperature, and light levels

Just a few of our projects...

Custom serial to XBEE modem

Web-based “Internet of Things” dashboard

Mobile Apps

WiFi monitoring/control for wood fired grills

Wireless control of “smart” irrigation systems