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Sony LANC Control

Sony LANC Remote to Serial Adapter

Combined with our ALE716 Serial to LANC Controller, this adapter allows a standard LANC remote to control cameras/camcorders via long serial / fiber optic cables

Connect any LANC wired remote to this adapter, then connect it to a ALE716 Serial to LANC Controller via a standard serial cable — you can then use your wired remote over long cable runs between the remote and the camera.


Adapter Specifications:


 * Adapter measures about 2” by 2”

 * Acrylic / plastic housing

 * Powered by +5VDC terminated in a USB mini jack

 * On-board 9 pin RS-232 connector

 * Designed to work with ALE’s ALE716 Serial to LANC Controller (required)

 * Compatible with standard serial (RS-232) cable (not included)

 * Can be used with fiber optic cable with optional serial to fiber modems



Line Callout 2: Sony, Canon, or Blackmagic Camera (LANC compatible)
Line Callout 2: ALE716 Serial to LANC Controller
Line Callout 2: Sony LANC wired remote
Line Callout 2: ALE726 LANC remote to Serial Adapter
Line Callout 2: Serial (RS-232) cable