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GoPro Remote control

Serial to gopro Adapter

A complete control system that converts commands from an RS-232 source to control a GoPro Hero, Hero2, Hero3 (White Edition), or Hero3 Black Edition* camera from your PC, Mac, Linux system, or embedded system

This system includes all hardware, software, and camera cabling necessary to remotely control your GoPro camera.




System Specifications:


 * Adapter measures about 2” by 2”

 * Acrylic top and bottom panels protect the printed circuit board

 * Powered by +5VDC terminated in a USB mini jack

 * On-board 9 pin RS-232 connector for serial connection to your host system

 * Cable provided to connect to the 30-pin connector on the GoPro camera

 * Remotely control power on and power off* functions on the GoPro from your PC

 * When properly configured for One-Button mode (or when using the autoexec script on the Hero3 Black Edition), the

    GoPro camera will record video or take snapshots automatically based on the control from the PC

 * Solves the problem of using the GoPro’s internal time lapse option (which leaves the camera

    powered on all of the time, dramatically reducing the battery life)

 * DEVELOPERS — Create custom software easily — no SDK or DLLs needed, just open a serial port

    and send simple commands.  Download the Programmer’s Guide here.


             * This adapter relies on the autoexec script file function on the Hero3 Black Edition to control power off                               functions. We provide the capability to manage and load these scripts in our free Windows software                                 application.